Here you can find some of the small stuff that I did and would like to make available.


gtanaka (Tanaka Corpus)

The Tanaka Corpus is a collection of japanese-english bilingual example sentences. I wrote a small frontend for the Tanaka Corpus using ruby, gtk and sqlite and called it (not very inventively) gtanaka. Maybe it is of use to someone else, too.

Kanji Cards

I used Jim Breen's edict and kanjidic dictionaries in combinations with the word frequency file also found at Monash University to produce pdf kanji cards. Stroke order diagrams found at Hans-Jörg Bibiko's kanji dictionary are also added.


deprecated: PADict is a great japanese dictionary for the PalmOS platform whose development is somehow dead mainly due to the decline of the Palm platform itself. I have a small patch that applies two changes to the CVS version: it let the trainer choose words at random (instead of following the order of the dictionary) and it opens the first dictionary that was found in a subdirectory which starts with an underscore ("_"). That is a very simple way to allow dictionary switching (by renaming subdirectories with a file manager like 3xcom).

Recently I left the Palm platform (as many others did) an bought an Android phone. I am very happy with aedict (thanks to Martin Vysny for sharing this great application).


Two plugins for the VIM editor:



I started a small application (hosted at google code) to sync an LDAP directory with the android address book (Note: I don't have an Android 1.x phone anymore and use Funambol now to sync my Android 2.x phone. So this project is kind of deprecated.)



ftags is a simple command line file tagging system. It stores all tags in a file called .ftags in the home directory of the user. A row in the file has the simple format "filename;tag1;tag2;...;tagN". There is a command called ftags that allows to add, delete, show tags on a file and find all files with a specific tag and a bash completion definition that can be sourced from the bashrc and provides completion of commands, files and tags for ftags.


databaseWiki (dbw) is a wiki engine for structured and unstructured data that is just a small layer over the database. It is hosted at google code.

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